Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sorry for the Unintentional Temporary Hiatus

I haven't by any stretch of the imagination stopped reading.  Why, then, haven't I updated this blog in a while?  Anyone who has been continuously reading this blog would realize that I have fallen head over heels for The Dresden Files.  Unfortunately, when mentioning that my life was similar to Dresden's (cold showers suck!), someone let a huge spoiler slip.  When the person realized this, their response was simply "Oops.  You should read faster!"  Whether you've read something once, twice, a hundred times, there are still people out there that haven't found/discovered some of your favourite written works.  It's courteous, respectful, and helpful not to give things away, so they can learn things in time.  This is why I don't give spoilers in my reviews.

Needless to say, I've been rushing to finish The Dresden Files so I won't have any more major events spilled before I get to that point.  Meanwhile, I have read several other books in between.  Keep an eye out for new reviews on here as I intend to bring this blog up to date soon!