Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Slowly catching up...

This summer I have read about eighteen or so books.  You may be thinking: that's great!  You may also be wondering where the reviews are.  No matter how hectic life gets, you should never stop doing something you love.  Books have always been a refuge for me, an exciting place where anything can happen, adventures can be had, and time can be forgotten.  Sometimes people stop reading because they "don't have time."  While I didn't write reviews for a while, I still read.  Sometimes I only read at night before bed, but there was always some sort of story going on in my head at some point in the day (even during those days when it was my own, that still counts!)

It's amazing what ten or fifteen minutes of respite can give you.  When reading, even if just for that brief period at night before you go to sleep, you get to enter a whole new world.  And entering a whole new world is really magic, isn't it?

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