Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review of Jim Butcher's Ghost Story

The Dresden Files: Book 13
By Jim Butcher

Star Rating: 

Genre: Adult Fantasy
Number of Pages: 608

Synopsis:(From Amazon)
When an unknown someone shoots him and leaves him to die, Harry Dresden hopes he might be heading to a better place.  Unfortunately, being dead doesn't make Harry's life any easier.

Trapped between life and death, he learns that his friends are in serious trouble.  Only by finding his murderer can he save his friends and move on--a feat which would be a lot easier if he had a body and access to his powers.  Worse still are the malevolent shadows that roam Chicago, controlled by a dark entity that wants Harry to suffer even in death.

Now the late Harry Dresden will have to pull off the ultimate trick without using any magic--or face an eternity as just another lost soul...

You will see this book got three stars.  This is my absolute least favourite of all the Dresden File books out to date.  It isn't that the book doesn't seem to have a solid ending, or that there isn't enough plot.  It isn't even that Harry is so removed from the action.  Everything seems to go so slowly, and it takes so long to get into the crux of the story, while Harry is not too overly involved.  While I know that some same "kill your darlings" and that others state that people/characters change, I was quite glad that there was another book to start right after this one.

While this book isn't my favourite, definitely go read book 14 because it gets so much more interesting!

Author Information: 
The Dresden Files are the first books that Jim Butcher managed to get published.  He is also the author of the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, Cinder spires.  He is a gamer, including tabletop, video games, as well as LARP.  He still lives in his hometown, Independence, Missouri.

For a more detailed biography of Jim Butcher, as well as a way to purchase his books, see his Amazon page.

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