Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review of Jim Butcher's Skin Game

The Dresden Files: Book 15
By Jim Butcher

Star Rating: 

Genre: Adult Fantasy
Number of Pages: 464

Synopsis:(From Amazon)
Because as Winter Knight to the Queen of Air and Darkness, Harry never knows what the scheming Mab might want him might want him to do.  Usually it's something awful.

He doesn't know the half of it...

Mab has just traded Harry's skills to pay off one of her debts.  And now he must help a group of supernatural villains--led by one of Harry's mos dreaded and despised enemies, Nicodemus Archleone--to break into the highest-security vault in town, so that they can then access the highest-security vault in the Nevernever.

It's a smash and grab job to recover the liter Holy Grail from the vaults of the greatest treasure hoard in the supernatural world--which belongs to the one and only Hades, Lord of the freaking Underworld and generally unpleasant character.  Worse, Dresden suspects that there is another game afoot that no one is talking about.  And he's dead certain that Nicodemus has no intention of allowing any of his crew to survive the experience.  Especially Harry.

Dresden has always been tricky, but he's going to have to up his backstabbing game to survive this mess--assuming his own allies don't end up killing him before his enemies get the chance...

Not only does Dresden think that something evil has infested his brain--he also has been led to believe that it will kill him.  The only person that can help is Molly, whom Mab has been keeping away.  If Harry helps Mab, she will hopefully let Molly see him in time to save him.  Meanwhile, Dresden has to find someone he trusts to watch his back in the Underworld.  After one friend gets injured before the true descent has begun, one has to wonder if Dresden will be able to get out of the Underworld alive.

For now, this is all... but there will be more!

Author Information: 
The Dresden Files are the first books that Jim Butcher managed to get published.  He is also the author of the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, Cinder spires.  He is a gamer, including tabletop, video games, as well as LARP.  He still lives in his hometown, Independence, Missouri.

For a more detailed biography of Jim Butcher, as well as a way to purchase his books, see his Amazon page.

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