Sunday, December 21, 2014

12 Days of Christmas! Day 10- Old Magic

Old Magic

By Marianne Curley

Sometimes people don't grow up in the average household with two parents.  Kate is one of those people.  She grew up with her grandmother living on a house on top of a hill (sort of like a small mountain).  On top of that, Kate and her grandmother are different.  Her grandmother runs a small shop and is known for being a witch.  Because of her differences, many of her classmates shun Kate.

One day, a new boy comes in to school and Kate senses something about him.  She brings him to her grandmother and they learn that something is seriously wrong with Jarrod's family.  Together, perhaps Kate and Jarrod can learn to look past differences and come together, learn, and defeat what stands in the way of Jarrod having a proper future.

This book is so great!  Like many other books it shows that beauty is only skin deep, and that being empathetic is always a positive thing.  I've reread this several times throughout the years and it's pure magic.

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