Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Days of Christmas! Day 6- Feed


By M. T. Anderson

Think that perhaps you or someone you know is becoming overly reliant on technology?  M. T. Anderson thinks that dependency can become deadly, given government supervision.  What if everything you did, thought, saw, was monitored?  Perhaps there will come a day when computers aren't outside of us and instead are installed in our brains.  The only let down?  If something happens to the computer, if it malfunctions, what would happen to us?

This book has incredible language for the futuristic time it is based on, which is easy to read and understand.  The concepts of doing whatever you can to fit in, and trying to be yourself despite adversity are quite prevalent with youth today.  Part of what this book does so well, is showing just how addicted to technology the majority of people have become as well as showing that you it's important to be able to stimulate and entertain yourself without technology.

I have met M. T. Anderson and he is incredible.  This isn't his first book for Young Adults, and each book has a distinctly different voice.  If you like historical fiction, look to Octavian Nothing.  More of a vampire type of person?  Thirsty was written just for you!

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