Thursday, December 18, 2014

12 Days of Christmas! Day 7- Life After Death

Life After Death

By Damien Echols

This isn't about dying.  Not in the traditional sense.  A lot of people take life for granted, especially their freedom to wear what they like, listen to what they like, and have a choice in what faith they practice.  Some places are still full of witch hunts and prosecutions, where if you are a bit different from the societal norm you can end up not only ostracized but blamed for something you never did- something that will end up leeching away your life.  Freedom isn't free, and sometimes how you portray yourself will be the only character witness to something you may have no idea about.

Imagine that you were young, still in high school, and that you knew you were poor.  Meet Damien Echols, who experienced that and so much more than he ever bargained for when he, along with two friends, was blamed for ruthlessly murdering children.  Damien's world changed drastically when he was blamed for something he didn't do and he is sharing that experience in this life altering book.  You'll learn about the prison system, what goes on behind the scenes, and what government may not want you to know.  Luckily for Damien, he now has a second chance.  Will it make up for his lost innocence and the years he spent in jail?  No.  But if nothing else, Damien can now truly live.

I know this is a lot darker and more adult than most of the books I've posted.  I've met Damien Echols and heard him speak.  He's a well grounded and greatly spiritual person.  I had my reservations about him and about buying his book, but when you see him stand there and read the passages aloud you can hear the sad truth ring with clarity.  He is sharing this not only to get his past off his chest but so others know what it's like.  Until he gets a full pardon, he is still considered guilty of his crime.  The circumstances that drew him in for questioning were ludicrous and as scary as it may seem, it could also happen to you.

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