Sunday, December 14, 2014

12 Days of Christmas! Day 3- A Little Princess

These 12 days are really getting to me.  It seems that a ton of books I've read seem to be subliminally coming at me and saying "Gifts for children/teenagers?  Pick me, pick me!"  Today's book is based on something I saw online that I disagree with.  Apparently some people think that it's better not to call your daughter (niece, etc) a princess.

What's wrong with being a princess?  Being a princess is hard work.  You have to remain poise and collected no matter what adversity strikes you.  You have to do what is good for all above what is good for yourself.  You must also be kind.  Are those not the attributes many like to see in not just women, but all people in society?  There is a great deal of difference between "princess" and "damsel in distress."

A Little Princess

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

Not everyone gets to have a happily ever after.  Sometimes families are torn apart by work, especially if someone is in the military- something many young people face with their parents today.  Sarah Crewe has always been with her father, until one day he is going to be shipped off to war.  Despite her father's absence, Sarah continues to live with the morals and values he has taught her: that you should always try to remain collected and calm, even when upset, that you should be kind to everyone and stand up to those who are not, and above all else, that you should maintain your own self worth because no one can ever knock you down if you believe in yourself.  

The pink leather bound copy of this book can be bought here from Barnes and Noble, and is one of the multitude of leather books currently on my bookshelves.  

This book has also been made into two movies, one with Shirley Temple and one with Eleanor Bron.  I prefer the second movie, from 1997.  I actually saw the movie before I read the book, which is rare for me.  This movie also fixed some of the racial tension that is in the book which while common at the time, is not acceptable today.

A link to where you can buy this movie can be found here.

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